Saturday Fun Day Camp

Join us for Tall Turf Ministries Fun Day

Dates:   July 17,  July 24 & August 7

Location: 2010 Kalamazoo Ave SE (east parking lot off Burton)

Time: 10am - 2pm EVERY SATURDAY


For Arts & Crafts, Mad Science, and many more fun activities!

A small lunch will be provided. 

To register your child please download and complete the short registration form below and email it to  or contact the office with questions. 

YOUTH CAMPS (Ages 8-13)

Each Camp Tall Turf session offers youth fun, faith and fellowship in a safe and peaceful environment with opportunities for personal growth.  Campers will practice devotions designed to reflect on their experiences and their confidence in the Lord.  Each cabin, consisting of a group of 8 youth supervised by one adult, will learn to work as a community in their living quarters, in the dining hall and camp activities. 

Each day, campers will have opportunities to choose their own adventures in leadership training, sports, science, arts and adventure under the care of qualified adults.  Each activity will be facilitated to emphasize the camp theme. 


The cost for camp is dependent on the number of days per session, family size and income.  See the registration form below for more information. 

Transportation for campers is available from the TTM office (2010 Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, MI) and White Cloud. Camp is located 70 miles northwest of Grand Rapid in a town called Walkerville in Oceana County. 

Tall Turf Ministries serves around 500 youth ages 8 - 13. Tall Turf is an intentionally diverse ministry with both staff and campers coming from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  While most of campers are from Kent County, campers attend from all over West Michigan, Detroit and Chicago. 

Choose Your Adventure

Tall Turf STEAM Academy 

Discover God’s world through the study of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.  STEAM Academy explores the unique features of camp, including age-appropriate veterinary care of farm animals and the systems and structures that make up the land and water on our property.


Science Discovery Camp
Discover and learn new things on daily adventures! This session will include hands-on learning experiences and adventures through activities like an overnight camp out, gardening, meeting animals, archery, hikes, mud pit, survival class, and more!


Olympics Camp 

Olympics week is an exciting session where campers participate in activities inspired by Olympic events,  join in a variety of crazy competitions, participate in Opening & Closing Ceremonies and more! Campers will learn about different countries and cultures, as well as the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and encouragement. 


Young Leaders Camp

Looking for a unique camp experience that will help your child discover their full potential in Christ?  Join us for Young Leaders Camp where campers will learn about the characteristics of positive leaders, discover their strengths, set and achieve goals, and learn the importance of working together.  Through experiential activities and guided discussions, campers will be empowered to discover what leadership is all about. 

Limited financial scholarship to cover the cost of camp are available for campers with special medical needs.   
Download PDF and follow directions for submission. 

Reconciliation Goals & Group Rates 

Camp Tall Turf Measurable Outcomes for Youth

1. What makes Camp Tall Turf different from other camps? 


Camp Tall Turf uses a traditional camp setting to do some pretty new and innovative things. We use adventure education to teach youth about the value of diversity. How do we do this? Well, Tall Turf is one of only a handful of camps across the country that is intentionally diverse about our staff as well as our campers. Activities like low ropes and challenge courses, team games, overnight camping, dance and drama are used to impart practical lessons about how to value yourself and those that are different than you. 


2. Why should I send my child to Camp Tall Turf? 

We believe that a session at Camp Tall Turf is one of the most transformative experiences that a child can have. At Tall Turf, kids are exposed to the wonderful diversity of God's kingdom, both in terms of people, and the world we live in. Youth learn how to live with, communicate with and ultimately love people who come from backgrounds and cultures very different than their own. This is a first step in bringing together people to help create lasting transformative change in our community and beyond. 

3. Do you have to be a Christian to go to Tall Turf? 

Camp Tall Turf is a Christian camp. Our belief that we are each distinctly created in the image of God is one of the foundational truths that we communicate to our campers. However, we believe that the truths we communicate are relevant for people of all faith backgrounds and contexts.  


4. How much does camp cost? 

All of our camp fees are based on a sliding scale that takes into consideration family size and family income. Our goal is to make camp as affordable as possible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to go. We are also more than willing to accommodate payment plans as needed.