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YOUTH CAMPS (Ages 8-13)
Summer 2024 


Each Camp Tall Turf session offers youth fun, faith and fellowship in a safe and peaceful environment with opportunities for personal growth.  Campers will practice devotions designed to reflect on their experiences and their confidence in the Lord.  Each cabin, consisting of a group of 8 youth supervised by one adult, will learn to work as a community in their living quarters, in the dining hall and camp activities. 

Each day, campers will have opportunities to choose their own adventures in leadership training, sports, science, arts and adventure under the care of qualified adults. 
Each activity will be facilitated to emphasize the camp theme. 


The cost for camp is dependent on the number of days per session, family size and income.
Financial assistance is available.  Our program costs are offset through fundraising efforts and generous support from partners and donors.  

Transportation for campers is available from the TTM office (2010 Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, MI) and White Cloud. Camp is located 70 miles northwest of Grand Rapids in a town called Walkerville in Oceana County. 

Our staff undergo two weeks of intensive training.  At Camp Tall Turf, we are committed to creating a positive, fun and safe environment that challenges each camper to grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually with support from our staff.  Camp Tall Turf is intentional about recruiting and hiring a diverse staff to represent various communities as part of our reconciliation mission. 

Tall Turf Ministries serves around 500 youth ages 8 - 13 annually. Tall Turf is an intentionally diverse ministry with both staff and campers coming from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.  While most of campers are from Kent County, campers attend from all over West Michigan, Detroit and Chicago. 


Parent Handbook 

Measurable Outcomes for Youth

Choose Your Adventure

Explorers - June 17 - 21

Discover God’s world through the study of the nature around us. We will focus on everything He has created, from the tiny creatures in the land and water to the night sky. Be prepared to have fun while exploring the great outdoors.


Olympics- June 24 - 28

Olympics week is an exciting session where campers participate in activities inspired by Olympic events, join in a variety of crazy competitions, and participate in Opening & Closing Ceremonies and more! Campers will learn about different countries, as well as the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and encouragement.  


Christmas in July - July 8 - 12

What’s your favorite holiday? We will be spending this session celebrating everything God has done, including a “Christmas in July” theme day (bring your holiday gear as you will be recreating Christmas at camp). Campers will feel the Christmas spirit as we learn how Christmas is celebrated around the world.  


Talent Show - July 22 - 26

Looking for a unique camp experience to help your child discover their full potential in Christ?  What if I said everyone was created with a talent to share? This session, we will be asking, “Are you enjoying the show?” every day, God is putting on a show right in front of us, from the sunrises and sunset to weaves in the lakefront and the songs we sing. We will also be doing a talent show (so bring your costumes and talents).

Financial Assistance 

All of our camp fees are based on a sliding scale that takes into consideration family size and family income. Our goal is to make camp as affordable as possible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to go. We are also more than willing to accommodate payment plans as needed. 


Limited financial scholarship to cover the cost of camp are available for campers with special medical needs through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) in conjunction with the Children with Special Needs Fund/Family Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.  These applications are typically available in the early spring.  Their contact information is available at the link provided. 

Christianity & Reconciliation at Camp Tall Turf 

Camp Tall Turf is a Christian camp. Our belief that we are each distinctly created in the image of God is one of the foundational truths that we communicate to our campers. However, we believe that the truths we communicate are relevant for people of all faith backgrounds and contexts.  

Each camp session, campers learn about reconciliation through daily activities, team building initiatives, cabin devotions, and building positive relationships with other campers and staff in an intentionally diverse setting. During their time at camp, campers will be encouraged and challenged to:

• Recognize and celebrate their own unique cultural identity.

• Develop a greater appreciation and value for individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.

• Learn to break down barriers and build relationships of trust and mutual respect through teamwork.

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