1. What makes Camp Tall Turf different from other camps? 


Camp Tall Turf uses a traditional camp setting to do some pretty new and innovative things. We use adventure education to teach youth about the value of diversity. How do we do this? Well, Tall Turf is one of only a handful of camps across the country that is intentionally diverse about our staff as well as our campers. Activities like low ropes and challenge courses, team games, overnight camping, dance and drama are used to impart practical lessons about how to value yourself and those that are different than you. 


2. Why should I send my child to Camp Tall Turf? 


We believe that a session at Camp Tall Turf is one of the most transformative experiences that a child can have. At Tall Turf, kids are exposed to the wonderful diversity of God's kingdom, both in terms of people, and the world we live in. Youth learn how to live with, communicate with and ultimately love people who come from backgrounds and cultures very different than their own. This is a first step in bringing together people to help create lasting transformative change in our community and beyond. 

3. Do you have to be a Christian to go to Tall Turf? 


Camp Tall Turf is a Christian camp. Our belief that we are each distinctly created in the image of God is one of the foundational truths that we communicate to our campers. However, we believe that the truths we communicate are relevant for people of all faith backgrounds and contexts.  


4. How much does camp cost? 


All of our camp fees are based on a sliding scale that takes into consideration family size and family income. Our goal is to make camp as affordable as possible, so that everyone will have the opportunity to go. We are also more than willing to accomodate payment plans as needed. 


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