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In partnership with Neland Church, Tall Turf Ministries continued our partnership in outreach and ministry during into the Fall!.

For Fall 2020, Tall Turf Ministries is partnering with Neland Avenue Church for Wednesday night family outreach.  Neland has a strong history of GEMS and Cadets - programs that reach youth in 3rd to 8th grade with fun activities, worship and friendships.  To learn more about Wednesday nights at Neland, click below. 



In addition to gender-specific magazines and crafts provided by the GEMS and Cadets leaders at Neland, Tall Turf Ministries will provide a hands-on learning activity related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) in each monthly Wednesday night family outreach kit.   Online resources are  available below to teach the projects and master skills with common household items or items that can be acquired inexpensively. 

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