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Online Registration Is Now Open

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Tall Turf Ministries offers unique opportunities to help youth and their families make a difference in their community, as well as the Tall Turf Ministries' community.

Engage your family in the Tall Turf vision of reconciliation
on the beautiful shores of Campbell Lake! 


Families enjoy three days and two nights in Tall Turf cabins with fun activities to keep everyone entertained. 
All meals, snacks and activities are provided. 

Location: Camp Tall Turf - Walkerville, MI


Dates:  July 7 - 9

             July 21 - 23


Cost: Children ages 3 - 17 - $43.75/person; adults 18 + - $56.25/person

   Picnic meals, lodging in cabins and all activities are included with registration!


Activities include:
Basketball & Volleyball, Swimming, Nature Center, Fishing,
Canoeing, Kayaking and Frisbee/Disc Golf.

Each evening ends with a lakeside campfire and s'mores!

Download Sample Food Service Menu

 If you are unable to register online, please contact the office for assistance.
(616) 452 - 7906


Click on the photo gallery below to see a weekend at family camp in photos. 
Each photo has a description with details about the experience. 



What Does Reconciliation Look Like at Camp?
Each camp session, campers learn about reconciliation through daily activities, team building initiatives, and building positive relationships with other campers and staff in an intentionally diverse setting.  During their time at camp, campers will be encouraged and challenged to:

· Recognize and celebrate their own unique cultural identity.

· Develop a greater appreciation and value for individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds.

· Learn to break down barriers and build relationships of trust and mutual respect through teamwork.

· Enhance their self-confidence and self-worth through diverse activities and relationships.

· Increase their leadership and problem-solving skills.

· Gain an appreciation and respect for the natural world and understand their role as caretakers.

· Grow in their understanding of who God is and His desire to be in relationship with them.


Families stay in cabins. Each cabin is equipped with 5 bunk beds and a bathroom with a shower.  Inviting friends to join your family? Families may request to room with another family on their registration form. For those who enjoy “roughing it”, tent campsites are also available.

Included in registration: 

  • Housing for your immediate family

  • Six meals for the weekend

  • Activity options

*There will be no additional fees!

Basic Policies:

  • Alcohol and smoking on camp property is prohibited. 

  • Weapons are not allowed on camp property. 

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • Parents are required to supervise their children, unless it is a designated time where staff provide supervision.

What to Pack for Camp 

  • Clothes* for warm and cool weather that can get dirty

  • Tennis shoes / socks

  • Bathing suit and towel

  • Toiletries and bath towel

  • Sleeping bags or sheets & pillows

  • Plastic bags for your dirty/wet clothes (no laundry facilities) 

  • Water* and additional snacks (if desired)

  • Insect repellent

  • Flashlights (optional)

  • Camera (optional)

*Acceptable clothes include:

  • T-shrits and sweatshirts; graphics must not have inappropriate content

  • Jeans, shorts, long skirts, sweats

  • Shorts/skirts will be evaluated using finger-length rule (typically 6” inseam or longer)

Not acceptable:

  • Two-piece swimsuits 

  • Tank Tops or Crop tops (midriff must be covered)

  • Leggings without a top long enough to cover bottom

  • Clothing that shows underwear/bras/bra straps; sagging pants/shorts are not allowed

  • Short or tight shorts/tights/pants


Because of the abundance of such objects around camp, all persons (great and small) must wear shoes at all times.  Only in the swimming area, which is cleaned regularly, may shoes be removed.  Males will be required to wear shirts at all times outside their cabins or when not swimming.  Females must wear shorts/skirts and shirts over their swimsuits when not at a water activity.

Prohibited Items
Campers are not allowed to bring pets of any kind to camp.  Additionally, campers should not bring candy or other snacks, money, or other valuable items. The use of alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons is prohibited. Any camper sent home for discipline reasons forfeits his/her fees. Smoking is prohibited in all areas with the exception of the designated smoking area off camp property.

Health & Wellness

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends, in the prevention of West Nile Virus, that everyone wears clothing that covers the skin such as long sleeve shirts and pants, apply bug spray with DEET to clothing and exposed skin and curb outside activity during the hours that mosquitoes are feeding which often includes dawn and dusk.  Mosquitoes most likely to carry the disease bite primarily from dusk to dawn. We will be working with the campers in the above area during their time at camp.  But, please understand that we cannot prevent mosquito bites entirely and some people are much more sensitive to mosquito bites than others.


The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at camp, masks will be provided upon request. If you have been ill, been exposed to covid or had a fever within 48-hours of your camp session we ask that you please stay home. 


Because Camp Tall Turf is a Christian camp, we expect you to always:

  • Respect things belonging to others.

  • Be kind. Say only good things about each other.

  • Obey staff members.

  • Avoid using bad language.

  • Show kindness to animals and plants.  They are part of God’s creation!

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