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Tall Turf Ministries History: Pursuing God’s Vision

Responding to growing racial tensions taking place across West Michigan in the 1960’s,

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Camp Tall Turf began in 1969 with four core premises
1. Reconcile to God

2. Reconcile to oneself

3. Reconcile with others by finding common ground

4. Reconcile with creation.


To pursue and advance God’s vision of wholeness, unity, justice, peace and healing (Shalom) for today’s increasingly diverse world.  This is done through building relationships that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of youth.


As the years progressed, it was clear year-long programming was needed to carry out this purpose and Tall Turf Ministries (TTM) was formed as the overarching entity.

Today, a year-round ministry of reconciliation builds on the primary and foundational experiences that occur while being part of a diverse and caring community at summer camp. TTM’s year-round ministry provides ongoing support to enable and equip young people with developmental assets such as: faith and confidence; the ability to face and overcome challenges; to achieve their potential; and to live lives of celebration while serving as agents of renewal and reconciliation in their communities.


Programs and outreach performed by Tall Turf Ministries are constantly changing to meet the needs of the community.  These changes are made with the direction of the staff and governing board, as well as with input from the community we serve.

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