The Camp Tall Turf rental fee is $25.00 per person per day (minimum of $300.00 per day).  All camp rental applications must be accompanied by a $100.00 non-refundable deposit that is applied to your total payment.  The cost for groups using the camp grounds for wilderness camping is $12.50 per person per day.  Tall Turf may apply an additional assessment for any damages to camp facilities (at replacement cost) beyond reasonable wear and tear to the final balance.   

Camp Rental Policy and Registration Form

General Use Policies

  1. Wear foot protection at all times.

  2. Build fires only in designated areas with wood supplied or downed branches scavenged.

  3. Do not cut down or cut on any live or standing tree without permission

  4. No smoking on Camp Tall Turf property.

  5. Please keep garbage cans securely covered and dispose of all garbage in the large dumpster behind the Dining Hall.

  6. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages, tobacco or tobacco products, illegal drugs, firearms (including Paint ball), weapons, fireworks, or explosives are permitted on Camp Tall Turf property. (Wine for sacramental use is permitted)

  7. Camp Tall Turf will not be held responsible for loss of personal property.

  8. Cars and vehicles are permitted only on established roads –speed limit is 10 mph.

  9. Adult supervision is needed when children are using any kind of recreation, athletic, and sports equipment.

  10. A permission form from each child's parent/guardian must be with them at camp.

  11. When on camp property, riding in the back of a pick-up truck is prohibited?  Seat belts must be worn on camp property.  Vehicles may be parked in the field by the barn, by the dining hall, by the Proctor Youth and Family Center, or in designated parking areas.

  12. Although pets are allowed at Camp Tall Turf with prior approval, bringing pets along to camp is discouraged.  Pets must be restrained and under control at all times and must kept off carpeted areas.

  13. All groups must bring their own first aid supplies and must have their own liability and medical insurance and must have a designated Emergency Vehicle.

  14. If at any time during your stay someone from your group notices anunknown person enters camp property, identify yourself as a representative of (name of your group) and politely direct them to or have someone from your group contact the Site Manager as the official representative of the camp.

  15. Suggestions and/or complaints about the facility and/or property should be made in writing to: Tall Turf Ministries, 2010 Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, MI 49507. 



In case of medical emergency, call 911.  A phone is located in the Proctor Youth and Family Center kitchen inside wall.   Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont is the closest medical facility to Camp Tall Turf.  Camp Tall Turf is not responsible for First Aid, Emergency Care, or Emergency Transportation.  Camp Tall Turf does have an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site, located inside the north landing of the Proctor Retreat Center at the base of the steps to the Site Managers apartment.


In case of a site or facility problem/emergency, or weather related emergency, contact the Site Manager or his designate in the Proctor Youth and Family Center Site Managers apartment.

Group Responsibilities

1.     Your group should have a leader on site with CPR and First Aid certification.

2.     All persons using Camp Tall Turf are expected to be good stewards, showing and treating all people, property, and equipment with respect.

3.     Your group is responsible for cleaning up thoroughly before departure.  Please do the following before you leave:

A. Bring all equipment used to its proper storage area.

B.  Clean the Proctor Center, Dining Hall, staff housing and/or any cabins that your group used.

C.  Empty waste baskets and pick up litter caused by your group.

D.  Turn off lights, close windows, close shades, and draw curtains etc. in the buildings that you used.


Phone: (616) 452-7906

Fax: (616) 452-7907


2010 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507


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