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Host Your Special Event at Camp Tall Turf
in Walkerville, Michigan

Proctor Youth and Family Center (YFC) Available Mid-August through the end of May (1).png

Camp Tall Turf is a 246-acre site located on the shore of Campbell Lake in Oceana County, approximately
70 miles NW of Grand Rapids, 20 miles NW of Fremont
& close to the town of Hesperia.

Travel Times

Grand Rapids:  90 Minutes
Traverse City: 120 Minutes
Lansing:  135 Minutes
Detroit: 210 Minutes

Rustic Camping at Camp Tall Turf
Available mid-August through the end of May


Details, descriptions & pictures PDF Download

A Simplified Way to Connect with Nature 

Reduce your carbon footprint by spending a night under the stars with just the basics.
Relax lakeside in a remote area of our property without amenities
such as bathrooms, or running water. 

Make sure you come prepared and bring all the supplies you’ll need for your adventure:
Think food, water and basic tent shelter. 

Fire pits are provided!


The cost for groups using wilderness campground is $12.50 per person per day.

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