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Spending your summer at Camp Tall Turf is a life-changing experience that develops leaders and strengthens faith in God.   Various positions are available for adults ages 18 and older, as well as "Leader in Training" (LIT) positions for high school students.  A full summer commitment is required for all positions. See below for position details and requirements. 

Summer Staff are requested to have open availability May 31 - August 11, 2021.   

Please prayerfully and carefully consider employment with our organization.  Inquries should be sent to the Program Director at  

Employee Background Checks

All employees and volunteers of Camp Tall Turf are required to complete background checks during the employment process: a criminal records clearance and a central registry clearance (both through home state).  Employees must provide appropriate identification documentation and information for background checks upon request. 

Proof of Certification

Those applying for jobs which require proof of certification (Health Officer, Waterfront, Lifeguard, etc.) must have a photocopy of the certificate on file with the personnel department before an applicant will be considered for the position.  The date of expiration must be visible.

YOUTH CAMP COUNSELOR - 3 Male, 3 Female 

Counselors are the front line of everything we do at camp.  These individuals are responsible for supervising the safety and well being of 8 of God’s children 24 hours a day.  Counselors are trained in behavior management, leading camp activities, and working cross-culturally.  As a counselor one has the unique opportunity to plant the seed of the gospel in the lives of young people by leading evening devotions in the cabin, living out your faith in community, and showing campers God’s love.  Counselors must be at least 18 years old with one year of work or college experience (except for former LITs) and have experience working with school-age children.
Two Head Counselor positions will be assigned based on application and experience. The people in this role provide advice and encouragement for the counselors, and step in when difficult situations arise.  The Head Counselors serve as part of the summer leadership team.  They must be at least 21 years old, have past Tall Turf counseling experience, and leadership experience. 


This person organizes and supervises the overall camp program and schedule.  This includes cabin activities, classes, evening activities, themes and special days.  They serve as part of the leadership team at camp and provide supervision and support for the non-counseling staff. This person will have prior administrative and leadership experience, have prior experience at Camp Tall Turf, and be at least 21 years of age.


This person performs all duties related to camper illness/health or hygienic needs. They maintain and record communications with parents regarding health issues and assist in determining when campers require medical attention or should return home. The Health Officer distributes and records all prescription and non-prescription medication for both campers and staff and is responsible for laundering soiled linens. The Health Officer trains staff in state and ACA health regulations and must be at least 18 years old with the appropriate certifications (see job description for eligibility details). 


The person responsible for food service will plan and oversee meals in accordance with our partners at Michigan Department of Education.  Camp Tall Turf is responsible for upholding the guidelines for providing and tracking meals served through the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).  A qualified food service manager will have had previous experience in planning and preparing meals for large groups and managing others within the kitchen.  Expertise and attention to detail in cleanliness and food storage/safety is required.  Serv Safe Certification is recommended. 


This person will serve as the caretaker of the Nature Center and Barn, developing and maintaining interesting displays, daily cleaning, and promoting environmentally friendly behavior and recycling. This Specialist will be responsible for preparing 90 minute age appropriate activities as well as supervising and interacting with campers who come to the Nature Center during free swim and class time.  This individual will be at least 18 years old with some experience and knowledge in developing nature programs, and a definite love for all of God’s creatures from snails to snakes.


 This person is responsible for the organization and coordination of all overnight campouts, cabin activities, and off property excursions. They will be responsible for the maintenance of all camping equipment, cabin activity materials, and camp out sites. Additionally they will assist with camp activities and kitchen duties as needed.  This person must be at least 21 with a Michigan Chauffeur’s License and should have experience with camping, strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and the ability to train staff.  Ideal candidates should also be willing to be lifeguard certified.


The Leader in Training (LIT) program is designed to create young leaders from all backgrounds.   LIT staff will be assigned to assist in programming, food service or other camp activities based on their experience and interests.  LIT staff should be at least 14 years old and have experience as a youth leader in their community.


This person will maintain daily individual contact with all Leader In Training (LIT) participants.  They will guide the LITs in an understanding of leadership, service, goal setting, children, the camp, and help with the development of their spiritual lives. The LIT Mentors will report directly to the Camp Director.  Mentors must be at least 21 years of age and be eligible for a Michigan Chauffeurs License.


The Staff Pastor provides pastoral care and opportunities for spiritual formation for our summer camp staff members.  This includes leading church services throughout the summer and facilitating spiritual growth through bible study, prayer leadership before meals and with teams.  ​ Staff Pastor must be 21 years of age with knowledge of pastoral care and experience in counseling young people and adults.  A valid Michigan Chauffeurs License and experience camping in rustic settings are helpful. ​

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