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About Us

In response to the racial turbulence of the 1960s,

Camp Tall Turf was born, driven by four core principles:


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with God.


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with others.


with oneself.


with nature.

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Our year-round ministry provides ongoing support to enable and equip young people with developmental assets such as: faith and confidence; the ability to face and overcome challenges; to achieve their potential; and to live lives of celebration while serving as agents of renewal and reconciliation in their communities.

Throughout our many years of service, the programming and outreach performed by Tall Turf Ministries has constantly adapted to meet the needs of the community. These changes are made under the direction of our staff and governing board, as well as with input from the community we serve.


The name "Tall Turf" comes from the many tall trees stretching heavenward and their claiming the land as God's turf.

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