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Meet Our Year Round Staff!

I have been involved with Tall Turf my whole life. I love the staff, the site, and the campers. For me, Tall Turf is the embodiment of what it means to be a Christian - reconciling with God, nature, others, and ourselves. 


David Brasser

Site Manager


Jim Brasser

Site Manager Emeritus

Our family has been involved in the mission of Tall Turf since its inception. Harold (and Norene) Botts (my in-laws) were on the original board. Suki, my wife, started working at Camp in 1970. My first summer at Camp was 1974 after “marrying” in to Camp in 1973. Our 3 children have volunteered or worked at Camp since they were kids and our son David is the Site Manager now. For over 50 years our family has supported the ministry and mission of Tall Turf—by working in maintenance, kitchen, waterfront, cabin counselors and administration. There is no place on earth I would rather be than working for the ministry and mission of Tall Turf.

I am married with four adult children. I enjoy cooking, reading and spending time with my grandchildren, family and friends. My favorite part of camp is during summer camp. 


Nicole Cheeks

Business Manager

Richard (Tikhon) Entingh - Photo.jpg

Richard Entingh

I grew up in the Grand Rapids area, where I cultivated years of experience in youth work, first as an Eagle Scout and then as an administrator for a variety of student-led organizations during my time at Calvin University. I joined Tall Turf Ministries as the Director of Programs in the winter of 2024. When not at camp, I live with my wife Sarah and daughter Anastasia in Georgetown Township. I love the outdoors and am an avid fisherman, hiker, and gardener.

Director of Programs

I am married to my beautiful wife and we have four children and two grandchildren. Tall Turf Ministries helps me live out my calling of helping the next generation of leaders.


Marcus Hargrave

President & CEO

Governing Board Members


Lydia Kuyvenhoven

Vice Chair

Edward Postma


Mark Greidanus

Board Treasurer


Voting Member

Raphael Beecham

Voting Member

Bill Hoogstrate

Voting Member

Arthur Treadwell

Voting Member

Michael John Franklin

In partnering with TTM as a governing board member, you can feel confident your contribution will make a meaningful, lasting impact on our community and in the individual lives of many. If you are interested in joining our mission as a governing board member, please contact Marcus Hargrave for more information.

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