Without a team of amazing people this work could not happen.

Tall Turf Ministries Governing Board


Mrs. Lydia Kuyvenhoven


Vice Chair

Mr. Edward Postma


Board Treasurer

Mr. Tim VerStrate


Dr. Steve Timmermans

Voting Board Members


Ms. Angela Nelson


Mr. Arthur Treadwell

Mr. Mark Greidanus

In partnering with TTM as a governing board member, you can feel confident your contribution will make a meaningful, lasting impact on our community and in the individual lives of many.

Tall Turf Ministries governing board members:

· have an immediate and lasting impact on the community.  

· gain expertise on complex issues.

· build valuable networks and relationships.

· channel individual and group creative energy.

· grow as community leaders through experience.


Review the governing board packet learn more about how Tall Turf Ministries carries out a mission of reconciliation in God’s World.  If you are interested in joining our mission as a governing board member, please contact Marcus Hargrave for more information. 


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Director of Programs

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Site Manager Emeritus

Jim Brasser

Business Manager

Nicole Cheeks

President & CEO

Marcus Hargrave

Site Manager

David Brasser