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Tall Turf Ministries Programs & Accreditation 

Overnight Youth Camp

Each Camp Tall Turf session offers up to 128 youth fun, faith and fellowship in a safe and peaceful environment with opportunities for personal growth.  Campers will practice devotions designed to reflect on their experiences and their confidence in the Lord.  Each cabin, consisting of a group of 8 youth supervised by one adult, will learn to work as a community in their living quarters, in the dining hall and camp activities. 

Each day, campers have opportunities to choose their own adventures in leadership training, sports, science, arts and adventure under the care of qualified adults held to the highest standards of the American Camping Association.  Each activity will be facilitated to emphasize the camp theme.  As these young people build relationships through shared experience, the message of reconciliation is lived and practiced throughout the summer.


Family Camp

Held over a weekend, sessions, Family Camp offer lots of time for families to participate in recreational activities and interact with one another. 


City Camp 

City Camp takes place during the summer and brings students entering 2nd-8th grade together for singing, skits, memory verses, activity groups, and Bible lessons.  Currently, a City Camp partnership exists between Neland Church and Tall Turf Ministries and Tall Turf hopes to grow this partnership.  


All in-person programming was suspended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  To maintain outreach efforts while complying with state-required social distancing, Camp-To-Go was created.  “Camp-To-Go” kits included STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) and worship themes.   Youth ages 8-13 were the specific target for developmental activities, although some younger youth participated with help from their families. Online resources were created to teach the projects and master skills.  Camp-To-Go kits are available by order! 

Leader in Training (LIT) 

The Leader in Training (LIT) program is designed to create young leaders from all backgrounds.   LITs work with TTM staff to create impactful acts of service to address social injustices in our community during the school year. LIT staff will be assigned to assist in programming, food service or other camp activities based on their experience and interests during the summer camp season. 

Programs & Facilities Accredited by
the American Camping Association (ACA)

ACA Accreditation assures renters that the both camp programming and camps used as a rental facility has had a regular, independent safety audit that goes beyond state and local regulations in most states.


Accreditation is different than licensing.  Licensing, with surprise inspections, focuses on enforcement of minimum regulations - often in just sanitation and food service. Accreditation, with scheduled visits, focuses on education - supporting best practices in all aspects of camp operation.  Licensing varies significantly from state to state. Accreditation standards and processes are nationally developed, tested, and accepted, both by camp professionals and legal/regulatory authorities. Licensing is required and imposed. Accreditation is voluntary.


Camps that are accredited have demonstrated their commitment to providing safe and nurturing environments for children and renters. No accreditation process, no licensing program, no set of regulations or laws can guarantee safety. However, accreditation is the best evidence that a camp is committed to providing a safe experience.  ACA accreditation is to assists the public in selecting camps that meet industry-accepted and government-recognized standards.

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